Case study – Maison Flamel

Flamel: porcelain candles for Flamel

  • Client
  • Maison Flamel

Driven by a global and innovative vision of skin care, Maison Flamel bears the imprint of its creator Samer Zakharia. He has several merged influences: the East meets the West, science is enriched by magic, biotechnological active ingredients and cutting-edge equipment mingle with breviary formulas.

Pot à bougie Maison Flamel en porcelaine | Artoria Limoges
Concept Maison Flamel | Artoria Limoges

The customer

From skin care to candles that bring good luck, Maison Flamel is inspired by elements of alchemy, for a holistic atmosphere that blends perfume, olfacto-therapy, and spirituality to transform any interior into a rejuvenating and energizing place.

The challenge

Reproduction of precise and complex colors of a decoration coming from an old book of the National Library of France.

For the decoration, we use chromos, decorations printed by serigraphy on specific sheets of paper that we transfer onto the material by wet process.

Here, we have to make a reproduction from a book and therefore reproduce colors of great complexity.

The challenge taken up

For this challenge, we carried out more than four color tests with our printer in order to rectify each of the colors that were too far from the original high-definition document provided by the client. These numerous tests were necessary in order to compare the colorimetric subtleties.

The final color of the chromos appears only after firing. The challenge has been met and we are proud to present you chromos with the most faithful colors possible.

Pot à bougie Maison Flamel en porcelaine | Artoria Limoges

The result

We are proud to have created this set of four candles for Maison Flamel that beautifully combines porcelain with magic. We have perfectly respected the initial specifications, the fineness of the colors and the quality requested by our customer.